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Personally Constructed Investments

CFC global specialist wealth advisers understand they have to work in full partnership with you the client in order to get to know and understand your personal objectives and goals. An effective financial plan must be built on a close analysis of your entire financial position, requirements, prospects and objectives.

Our service is personal because we recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different.We focus on deliverable confident solutions without short cuts. We want to spend time getting to know you and planning for you and your families requirements, while fully comprehending your risk profile and your understanding of risk, so that the solutions we provide are delivered with confidence.

We have structured an effective investment process that allows us to evaluate your circumstances and agree your investment objectives with you. We then create a tailored plan from our investment solutions portfolio range that help grow, manage and preserve your wealth with a long term plan of financial freedom and achieving your objectified goals.


Equity / Share trading provides opportunities for Christoph Feymann Capital clients to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities, events or market trends that can result in extraordinary returns.

Our advisors, analysts and committees provide their analysis and expertise in a number of disciplines to give you the best possible chance of profitable trading.

Their are thousands of companies within the stock world, Christoph Feymann Capital`s equity committees use relative valuation to assist our Wealth Managers in the screening process. Preferred ratios include Price to Earnings, Price to Book and Cash Flow metrics to name a few. With the market scaled down, access to market leading sale-side research enables Christoph Feymann Capital’s committees to thoroughly evaluate the productive merits of the company, which is then supported by a thorough understanding of the financial reporting and accounts.

Where appropriate, meetings with the companies management team will be arranged for deeper analysis and understanding. Once our board of directors have signed off on the initial due diligence process , attractive entry and exit points will be clearly established with the support of our in-house analysts fundamental market information.


The fundamentals of selecting bonds begins with:

  • An attractive coupon
  • Yield to maturity (YTM)
  • An attractive valuation

in particular whether the bond trades above or below the par value.

Once our committee have identified the right potential bonds. Christoph Feymann Capital will then look at the fundamentals of the issuer, financial stability will be assessed, along with an assessment of the credit ratings from Moody’s, S&P and Fitch.

From a top-bottom view, the factors of inflation and interest rates are assessed as to what impact their rates may have on the bond over the maturity period.

The last aspect of Christoph Feymann Capital bond process will focus on the terms and conditions attached. This could be callable or early redemption features or the level of seniority which may undermine the overall attractiveness of the bond.


Christoph Feymann Capital in the right instances will consider property and infrastructure funds along with hedge funds, absolute return funds, commodities and private equity.

For property the obvious fundamentals are rental income and capital growth alongside long-term rental or guaranteed appreciation contracts and any inflation protection. Infrastructure funds can sometimes provide protection against inflation as well as reducing risk in the portfolio and diversifying sources of income within a client’s portfolio.


Christoph Feymann Capital utilises a  number of tools at their disposal including exclusive access to research from many of the major London analysts these include JP Morgan, Numis, Liberum, Jefferies, Canaccord, Berenberg, Stifel, RBC, Peel Hunt and Winterflood. All Christoph Feymann Capital`s teams have access to Factset terminals for quantitative analysis research of sectors, companies, and markets as well as real-time market data and news.

We employ the services of numerous research houses which supply us with economic commentary. We maintain regular attendance at seminars presented by the senior economists from financial institutions. In addition, we hold as many meetings with the management of smaller companies as possible due to the limited research available, and numerous meetings with large companies’ management teams as necessary.

Christoph Feymann Capital employ over 50 analysts world wide who also provide us with fundamental analysis of current economic and market conditions as well as identifying exceptional opportunities in equities and fund management.

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