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Christoph Feymann Capital Cyber Security team is committed to protecting your personal information and assets from unsolicited threats posed by financial crime, identity fraud, identity theft and any other aspects of financial crime.

Our team employ state of the art sophisticated technical and operational safeguards to protect our clients at all levels of involvement with Christoph Feymann Capital. As you may understand sometimes the names of legitimate financial companies can occasionally be used by criminals to carry out fraud on members of the public.

If you are not sure that a communication received from Christoph Feymann Capital is genuine please contact us on +44 2039 664 788, or forward any email to We’ll be able to confirm quickly whether or not it was sent by us.

Christoph Feymann Capital`s on-line client portal area is a secure section of the Christoph Feymann Capital website that you can login to and view the status of your accounts. At all times you must keep your  username and password safe.

Our advice is that you don’t write down your user name and password even though we know it`s the easiest way to remember things. Choose a unique password that you don’t use for any other websites and add numbers and other characters for additional security.

At Christoff Feymann Capital we will never ask you for your username or password details by phone or email.

You will never be asked to pay any money in to any bank account other than the third party transfer agents we strictly stipulate on Christoph Feymann Capital account documentation.

Any emails or postal correspondence received from Christoph Feymann Capital will always quote one of your account numbers. Checking that account number against your contract notes or your online account will help to verify that the correspondence came from us. Again if in doubt we are only a phone call away.

All email correspondence received from Christoph Feymann Capital will always end which is our website address.

When logging in to your on-line account portal in public places please be aware that security breaches are possible. We recommend using your mobile data to login. If in doubt we advise that you err on the side of caution.

The chances of being approached with any fraudulent communication bearing the Christoph Feymann Capital`s name is extremely low but we hope that the above information will be useful if you are.

Again if you are not sure we hope that you will report any suspect messages or communications to us. If they are of a fraudulent nature or have not originated from us, we will forward them to the relevant authorities. This will help us in our ongoing efforts against financial crime in Europe, the USA, Asia.

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Goglasse 8

Private Client Office

Broadgate Tower
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London, City

Private Client Telephone

+44 203 966 4788

Christoph Feymann Capital is licenced to carry out financial business in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and EEA regulations under registration number 541017