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Christoph Feymann Capital understand that on occasion we will receive enquiries from clients about the security of their funds and about the security of the investments that Christoph Feymann Capital manages for them.

First, it is important to understand that Christoph Feymann Capital is fully licenced to operate as an offshore investment advisor for the US markets and to transact financial business.

We are not a bank, we are not owned by a bank and have no significant banking shareholdings. Christoph Feymann Capital is wholly independent and act purely in your interests when arranging for the way your money is deposited and transferred to our accounts.

Who is Christoph Feymann Capital registered with?

Christoph Feymann Capital is licenced to carry out investment business in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and EEA regulations under registration number 541017. 

Why is it relevant that we are not a bank?

Unlike a bank, we do not use your money to run our business, nor do we lend funds, nor do we invest it in anything else. Instead, we hold your funds in sepqrate client deposit accounts, and it remains liquid and accessible as your money at all times. Your money is ring-fenced from the assets of Christoph Feymann Capital and is kept strictly segregated as client funds.

Where do we place your money?

We place your money with that of many other clients with AAA rated leading banks. Too Safeguard client assets we don’t place client money with any single bank, but divide it between, typically, four or five different banks at all times. Our Credit Analysts monitor the banks and credit institutions that hold your funds at all times. The proportions of how we divide the money are subject to continual review and prudent selection.

This choice of banks with whom we place our clients’ funds can change from day to day. We believe our clients are fully entitled to know where their money is held and will keep you abreast of any changes to the storage of your assets.

Third Party Transfer Agents

When you transfer millions of multi-currency deposits daily it is plausible that funds can be misplaced or transferred to wrong accounts. It doesn`t happen often but using the services of a transfer agent ensures that there are no timely delays in processing transaction which could be counter to regulatory requirement. Our third party transfer agents are fully insured to protect your funds against timely delays and ensure they are received within the statutory regulatory time frames. All done for your piece of mind and protection. All transfer agents used by us must carry Lloyds of London insurance policies the most robust insurance market in the world.

Are your deposits guaranteed?

All banks and credit institutions who store deposits do of course guarantee re-payment of all assets. But as with all guarantees it is only good as the guarantor that offers it. In the first instance if a bank becomes incumbent or insolvent or its assets are frozen by it`s government we will make every effort to recover the money through the normal recovery and legal channels. We have on retainer a leading firm of credit lawyers for that purpose but to further safe guard your funds we have in place a third party insurance policy from Lloyds of London that insures all client funds held in agreed institutions up to 80% of their value covering the eventuality of government seizure or insolvency. Should this unlikely occurrence happen our advisement is to pro-rata all funds that we hold for our clients so that the effect is proportionately the same for each client.

What is Christoph Feymann Capital's status in this?

As explained earlier, we hold funds for client`s in segregated ring fenced client deposit accounts and have a fiduciary care of duty to protect those funds. Of course this is a responsibility for which we take very seriously indeed. By placing our client`s funds in carefully selected banks and credit institutions alongside our financial credit insurance policy. We do everything within our fiduciary duty of care to our client`s to safeguard your funds at all times.

How about the investments that you are holding for me?

The investments that we hold for clients are registered in your name and remain your property at all times. As with our client money policy we have a fiduciary responsibility to segregate these assets from the assets of the company, and this policy is subject to regular reconciliations and checking. We hold investments in your name and they remain your property at all times. In the case of Unit Trusts and OEICs where client`s assets are pooled together we may use other specialist custodians and hold investments in trust on behalf of Cristoph Feymann Corporate’s clients.

What about the security of Christoph Feymann Capital itself?

Because investments are registered in our clients names and the money that we look after for clients is held in carefully ring-fenced separate client accounts the position of Christoph Feymann Capital itself can not pose a risk to their security. Client`s assets are stringently seperated from those of the company and Christoph Feymann Capital`s company status cannot affect the value of your assets or lay claim to your assets in any circumstances. In the unlikely circumstances that we are required to rectify a problem, then, in addition to the strength of Cristoph Feymann Capital’s balance sheet, we carry substantial indemnity and liability insurance cover provided by leading risk management underwriters from Lloyd’s of London.

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Christoph Feymann Capital is licenced to carry out financial business in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and EEA regulations under registration number 541017