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Personally Constructed Investments

CFC global specialist wealth advisers understand they have to work in full partnership with you the client in order to get to know and understand your personal objectives and goals. An effective financial plan must be built on a close analysis of your entire financial position, requirements, prospects and objectives.

Our service is personal because we recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different.We focus on deliverable confident solutions without short cuts. We want to spend time getting to know you and planning for you and your families requirements, while fully comprehending your risk profile and your understanding of risk, so that the solutions we provide are delivered with confidence.

We have structured an effective investment process that allows us to evaluate your circumstances and agree your investment objectives with you. We then create a tailored plan from our investment solutions portfolio range that help grow, manage and preserve your wealth with a long term plan of financial freedom and achieving your objectified goals.


At Christoph Feymann Capital we have a different approach to investment services. We first and foremost consider how much risk you are able to take in order to identify the most rewarding investment opportunities with the aim of satisfying your own personal investment objectives.

A risk driven approach to understanding your needs

We understand that a deep knowledge and understanding of your investment requirement`s and aspirations provides a solid foundation for a long term successful relationship. The process starts with an interview with one of our investment advisor`s, who will listen to your circumstances, ask questions and compile a detailed picture of where you are and where you would like to be be. Most importantly based on that information they will also assess and form an opinion of the level of risk that you are able to bear. This is key to ensuring that you benefit from a bespoke and high quality  service that delivers the right risk to reward ratio for your investments. In the past, a conversation about investment needs has tended to focus on return aspirations and has been followed by cautionary observations about the risks entailed. At Christoph Feymann Capital we have reversed this in favour of a more protective approach and will agree with you an appropriate risk capacity for loss of capital or income. Our dedicated advisor`s will seek to understand your personal risk tolerances and then build realistic returns expectations from this information, in the context of what we see the financial markets are poised to offer in the years ahead.

Our approach to managing risk:

The basis of our approach to prudently managing these risks includes:

  • Risk of course cannot be eliminated. Without assuming or taking risk on behalf of our clients we are unlikely to generate them satisfactory returns.
  • We will look to mitigate / reduce risk unless it is expected to contribute positively to our client`s returns, or if it is unavoidable.
  • Quantitative analysis provides risk measures which are objective and statistically robust, however these must be interpreted with experience and judgement rather than applied blindly.

Clients are typically concerned with four types of risk:

  • Outcome Risk – The portfolio of investments might fail to deliver the “expected returns” over the appropriate horizon.
  • Draw Down Risk – Returns are fluctuating or volatile, and a period of weakness coincides with an unexpected need to sell investments.
  • Inflation Risk – Even though long term returns appear satisfactory, the purchasing power of the portfolio is being eroded by inflation.
  • Liquidity Risk – Access to investments is prevented by problems with either the investment’s issuer, failures problems with the financial system and/or governmental/regulatory action.

At all stages of the investment cycle here at Christoph Feymann Capital we will pro-actively ensure that our client`s understand any risk factor`s and that all investments carried out for our client`s are strictly within the risk tolerance levels agreed.

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